Single MOMM is...

... The starting point to build a strong life that will support her family. 

... A place where the statistical norms and judgements placed on single moms do not exist. Instead, single moms learn to see themselves as strong women, mothers, and members in society with a great capacity to give back.

... The next step after crisis; we may work with single moms in crisis but do so in partnership with other crisis centered organizations.

... A place to rebuild self, and work on overcoming personal barriers. 

... An essential place to build healthy community. 

Single MOMM works with women who never married, are divorced or widowed, single moms from all economic and social classes, and single moms who want to move forward.


To lead the change in the way our culture perceives, values, and guides single moms forward to confidence and purpose.

CORE Mission: 

We cultivate communities on a mission to ignite hope, healing, and confidence within single moms through story based awareness, mentorship, and guidance.


To Impact every single mom in America who wants to move forward with purpose.

To be the national authority in the way our culture perceives, values, and guides single moms.

To model the importance of meeting single moms right where they are.

To help every community recognize that: single parents are capable of leading their families well, single parent homes can be healthy, and single parent homes have a tremendous amount to give back to their community.