Providing financial assistance and emotional support to single moms that are battling breast cancer. One in eight women will battle breast cancer in their lifetime. Here at Single MOMM we do life together, unfortunately, at times that means we battle cancer together. 

Together looks like:

• Attending chemo treatments together

• Learning to wig fit and finding the right make-up

• Walking through reconstructive surgery

• Bringing in meals and sitting down to listen

• Providing financial assistance when it becomes impossible to support her kid’s alone

• Walking through end of life planning

• Celebrating remission

Join us October 13th for Bras 4 A Cause

Bras For A Cause TC, INC in connection with Northern Michigan Women’s Council of Realtors is proud to present our 8th annual “Bras for a Cause TC” event. Please join us on Friday October 13th, 2017 at Streeters Center in Traverse City for an amazing night of fun-filled fund raising.  Doors open at 5:30, show starts at 7:00.

The humor and enthusiasm of our models and sponsors has helped sell out our venue in past years with up to 45 models and 900 in attendance. However, this year we will not be showcasing 45 models, but are limiting the number of models to 20.  

So, how does the event work?

Well, we get local companies or individuals to 'sponsor' a Bra, which means they create/decorate a Bra to be modeled on our runway and auctioned off to the highest bidder. The kicker? ALL the Bras are modeled by MEN! This is a fun and entertaining evening for all!