Single MOMM Sweeps Swingshift and the Stars 

1. Dana and Kellen danced their way to perfect 10s and won Single MOMM the judges' vote and $1,350
2. They stole the hearts of the audience with the popular vote and $500
3. Together you all gave $46,061 to provide opportunities for 250 single mom families to rise-up through our reVIVE Course Initiative and community!

Thank you to everyone who supported Single MOMM! This organization truly is changing lives, one family at a time! When people support each other incredible things happen. This is how The reVIVE Course works, single moms helping single moms become more than they ever could have imagined.
— reVIVE Course Alumni and single mom

Dancing to put 250 local single moms through The reVIVE Course.


Our Single Moms Have....
Become home owners
Built safe and stable homes for their children
• Lessened the amount of state and federal assistance they are on
• Increased their self-confidence
• Expanded their job skills
• Returned
 or went to college for the first time
• Secured new jobs
• Given back
to Single MOMM by leading the reVIVE Course for other single moms in their area

The reVIVE Course:

A 13 week program developed by Single MOMM Founder & Executive Director Jennifer Finnegan Pool, to assist single moms in exploring who they are, what has gotten them stuck, and how to take courageous steps forward. 

Any single mom ages 18-118 can chart a bold and new direction for her and her family through reVIVE, and she doesn't have to do it alone. Joining reVIVE will put her in a small group setting with other single moms who understand the ins and outs of single motherhood.

The reVIVE Course is 100% Funded by our local community. Everything from the general course cost to the facilitators, from the child care program, to the mentors, are possible through the generosity of our sponsors 

Through The reVIVE Course single moms
have seen improvement in the following areas: 

95% saw improvement in informed decision making
90% in self advocating and safe boundary setting
97% in knowledge of values and personal interests
86% in personal relationships, financial health,
 and personal responsibility
100% in emotional I.Q.
95% in healthy communication
90% in time management

Giving Options:

Swingshift and the Stars is a fundraising platform. Each participating charity decides how to raise their funds. At Single MOMM, we are focused on ticket purchases and general donations from those choosing to join us as we shatter negative statistics hovering over single mom households and bring hope to their families.

1. Select a giving option. Purchase Balcony Seats, be a table sponsor, or give a general donation to help single moms and their children thrive. (Button at top of this page) 

2. Donate through online giving by clicking the donation button above or donate the night of the event (Nov 17)

3. Learn more about The reVIVE Course at



When: Friday, November 17th
Where: Traverse City Opera House
Time: 6:30 - 10:00 pm
Theme: Wild, Wild West
Star: Dana Boals, co-owner of Ferguson's Lawn Equipment and board member at Single MOMM
Instructor: Kellen Blackburn, dancer extraordinaire

What to Expect: When you arrive to the Opera House with your tickets (which you will receive from Single MOMM before the night of the event), you'll be given a voting envelope. If you have already financially given, please bring $10 so your vote counts. The most audience votes brings in more money for Single MOMM. 
Single MOMM will have an information table where you can learn more about The reVIVE Course, Single MOMM, and drop off your donations and voting envelopes. If you are seated at a table, you will have a table host who can answer all your questions the night of the event. 

I had gone on for many years accepting what was in front of me and keeping my mouth shut. During reVIVE I realized that most of my past and present relationships had no boundaries. I knew then that I needed to find my voice again. I learned that I may not be able to control how someone speaks to me or my daughter, but I CAN control how I respond and how far I let that person into our lives. Learning the words “That doesn’t work for me” in reVIVE, has started a powerful journey toward being able to have healthy and meaningful relationships for both me and my daughter.
— Michelle, single mom of one


We are a privately funded, community supported nonprofit that is run on a lean operating model. This has enabled us to provide maximum return on the community's giving while staying 100% focuses on our mission and true to our core values. 

In 2016, Single MOMM received $205,836.99 in monetary donations and gave back to the community through community investment, single moms leaving state and federal assistance, alumni give back and staff dedication in the amount of $171,849

Gift in Kind Goods = $29,681
Gift in Kind Services = $30,198
Volunteer Hours = $36,000

Staff Give Back = $28,000

Alumni Give Back = $6,325
Moms Leaving Assistance = $47,645

Staff Give Back = $171,849

Single moms saw improvement in:
95% Saw improvement in informed decision making
90% in self advocating and safe boundary setting
97% in knowledge of values and personal interests
86% in personal relationships, financial health
    personal responsibility
100% in emotional I.Q.
95% in healthy communication
90% in time management