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Click the above icon to check out our Facebook campaign page.

Click the above icon to check out our Facebook campaign page.


Through the work at Single MOMM the words rejected, inadequate, and hopeless no longer resonate with these single moms. They no longer let the past define them, they make wise choices to shape their futures.


This Mother’s Day join us in celebrating all the amazing single moms
out there by giving other single moms the opportunity to #RISEUP!
Join us in raising $5600 between Thursday, May 11th & Sunday, May 14th.

Our Single Moms Are:
• Expanding their job skills
• Securing new jobs
• Increasing their self-confidence
• Becoming home owners
• Building safe and stable homes for their children
• Lessening the amount of state and federal assistance they are on
• Returning or going to college for the first time
• Giving back to Single MOMM by leading other single moms through the reVIVE course

This Mother’s Day, give more single moms the opportunity to #RISEUP!
Make a financial contribution in honor of your daughter, mother, sister, friend, co-worker, or neighbor that is walking or has walked the path of single motherhood.

Before connecting, I was depressed and emotionally disconnected from everything around me, including my children. I could not accept affection from my three-year-old daughter, and it killed me inside that I felt this way. After joining Single MOMM, finding resources, and learning to meet my kids’ needs, I began to see them in a new light. Today, I have an overwhelming joy and love for my children and we are learning to laugh together. I never knew how much work it took to be an effective parent. Now that I am capable of parenting strong, I am watching my kids become more emotionally secure and more capable of succeeding in school.
— Single Mom of Two Awesome Kids

Single MOMM is helping moms RISEUP in part through our programs and resources:

The reVIVE Course

During this twelve week intensive, single moms emerge with a clearer purpose and identity including an understanding of their strengths, and how to walk in those strengths daily.  They will also gain a working life resume along with an increased awareness of who they are, and what role they play in their families and in the community.

Resource Networking

As needs arise, our goal is to allow the community to meet those needs whenever possible.  By using area agencies and churches we encourage single moms to seek help from their community network.

They don’t cosign my bad ideas. The reVIVE Course has given me the ability to make quality decisions!
— reVIVE Participant + Graduate


A mentor is someone who wants to be in your corner, to laugh with you and cry with you, to advocate for you, rejoice and feel your pain.  Mentoring focuses on topics ranging from boundaries to finances, parenting to setting personal growth goals.

Event Nights

Event nights are designed to create a safe space where moms can connect with Single MOMM staff and with each other; take a break from every-day life, be fed, encouraged and celebrated for who they are. 

I became aware of what had me stuck and was able to make a plan to move past it.
— reVIVE Participant + Graduate

In 2016 Our:
448 volunteers / 90 Partner Businesses / 18 Partner Churches / 7 Employees / $165,000 in donations / $51,000 gift in kind ... Welcomed & Empowered: 618 single mom families to move forward!

This year we are on track to grow by 25-30%

100% of all donations go towards providing life skills, programming, and resources to single moms and their kids. All donations are tax deductible.


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When you donate you will be asked to select how many single mom families you would like to help rise-up. In addition there will be space to honor, recognize, or leave a message in memory of a single mom that has inspired you. If you grant us permission we will post your information and honor the mom you chose on our Facebook page during this week long campaign. 

For more information about the work of Single MOMM, please explore our website or reach out on our Contact page to connect with us.