The reVIVE Course is 100% funded by our local community. Everything from the general course cost to the facilitators, from the child care program to the mentors, are possible through the generosity of our sponsors. 

Giving Options: (to sponsor the reVIVE Course)
1. Select an individual mom, small group or community to support
2. Determine how you would like to give:
- $300 Changes the life of one single mom family
- $1,500 Change the lives of five single mom families
- $3,000 Changes the lives of an entire single mom community
3. Donate through giving above or sending a check in to: 
PO Box 2442, Traverse City MI, 49685


Volunteers make our reVIVE Course possible. Along with our staff and alumni facilitators, these community members came alongside and assist us in providing help with our retreat meals, childcare, office work, and with our celebration night, Blue Jeans and Pearls. Whether helping with a meal or our childcare, you are giving single moms the opportunity to re-establish their lives, lead their families in strength, and break the barriers that have their families stuck.


In recognition of your sponsorship, we extend an invitation to have you join us annually at Blue jeans and Pearls, a celebration night where you will hear single moms share their stories of success and receive recognition for all the hard work they have done to strengthen their families. We recognize our sponsors at this event. our reVIVE Sponsors also receive quarterly updates on how reVIVE is impacting the lives of local single moms. 

When single moms know they are supported by their community, their confidences increases. 

In addition to reciting community recognition, you will receive an incredible social return. Through our reVIVE Course, single moms saw a 95% improvement in informed decision making, 90% in self-advocacy and safe boundary setting, 86% in personal relationships and financial health, 100% in emotional I.Q., 95% in healthy community, and 90% in time management. 

Our single moms are shattering negative statistics that have haunted single mom families over the years!

Our single moms have become home owners, built safe and stable homes for their children, lessened the amount of state and federal assistance they are on, increased their self-confidence, expanded their job skills, returned or went to college for the first time, secured new jobs, given back to Single MOMM by leading the reVIVE Course for other single moms in their area.
— Jennifer Finnegan Pool, author of The reVIVE Course