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January 20th - February 24th 
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Selah: to pause
Play: to engage in an activity for enjoyment
Sisterhood: a community of women linked by common interest

Join us for this six week journey by signing up to receive weekly e-letters that will invite you to pause, play, and join our sisterhood in purposeful rest. We will be pausing our reVIVE Course until March so that we can take a rest from purely focusing on personal growth and instead offer weekly times to connect and have fun together.

Each week will center on a new one word. A calendar of activities will be sent with an introductory email on January 7th. Activities will be held at places in Traverse City with child care options available. Each week's email will be sent on Sunday evening and will include a blog post, an invite to a weekly activity in the community, a new recipe to try, and other fun tips.

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At Single MOMM we believe in living authentically. Learning to be fully alive in our own skin, embracing who we were created to be and courageously overcoming the obstacles that keep us stuck. Coming to Event Nights is hopefully a place of rest, laughter, and encouragement. Walking into our cafe and office is a chance to explore how to restart life as a single mom, focus on owning your story, gain practical guidance, and find a tribe of women to belong to.

One of our core values is, Respect the Switchbacks. When climbing a mountain you weave back and forth on the switchbacks as you climb to the top. They ensure you don't loose your footing, maintain a pace you can achieve your goal at, and keep you safe as you climb. Every great climber knows the importance of a skillful pause/rest in climbing. A chance to refocus on the climb, inhale and see all that has been accomplished, tune into the beauty around, and give rest to the body.

January 20th - February 24th we will be taking a purposeful pause (Selah), and inviting you all to play with us. As a sisterhood we will explore a new word each week. On Sunday evenings an email will be sent with a blog post talking about a new word, how to embrace the word, and an invitation to join in on a fun community activity that focuses on the weekly word. There will be six of these emails and one introductory email sent out.

Any single mom is welcome to sign-up and join us for this winter time fun. In Northern Michigan we like to hibernate during the cold winter months. It can be hard to rise above low feelings that may come with the cold and dark of the season. This is a chance to break out of the inactivity and isolation of the winter months and join a group of women that have the sole purpose of playing and resting for a season.

*Our mentoring, cafe, office, alumni offerings, and Event Nights are all still taking place during this six weeks of time (Jan. 20th-Feb. 24th)