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Resource Networking 

Single MOMM focuses on bringing tangible support to single moms and their kids through organizational, professional, and church partnerships. To find out more about community resources, make an appointment to meet with one of our mentors. 

Practical Needs Help 

Is there something around the house that needs repair, a vehicle that needs maintenance, or just another set of hands to help through a season that seems overwhelming? We have people for that! We utilize area churches and individuals to provide practical needs help for single mom families who connect with Single MOMM mentorship, at monthly Event Nights, or through The reVIVE Course. 

Residential Program

Currently Single MOMM is piloting a 2-year residential program that focuses on financial and emotional healing for single mom families. 

At Single MOMM, we are creating safe spaces, engaging the stories of single moms, and then empowering them to integrate into everyday life with strength, joy, and confidence. Through our mentorship program, The reVIVE Course™, and our Event Nights we provide the resources needed to help you positively impact the single moms in your community. 

To explore using our materials in your community we hold a one day training titled - be the good coffee™. This training will equip you to establish a community for single moms to flourish in, assist you with engaging the stories of these moms in a healthy and helpful way, and lead you through the importance of being trauma informed, story based, and biblically centered in your desire to help single moms. The training is for those currently working with single moms, intending to work with single moms, or desiring a better understanding of the lives of single moms and how you can help.