At Single | MOMM we believe in ministering to the individual. Just like there is no snowflake that is created the same, each single mom that walks through our doors is created in a God given uniqueness. Therefore the idea that the same approach, words, and/or programs will reach the heart of the single mom is invalid. 

Our design in creating Single | MOMM was to see the individual for who she is, not the sum of her mistakes, or the way in which she sees herself but truly see her in the light of who God made her to be.

Rather than creating a box approach to ministry, we have sought to set the stage for the single mom to discover herself, her needs, her children's needs, and how to meet the needs of her family through community, in a healthy way.

We believe the ministry to the single mom must include: 

  • Listening to her story
  • Actively engaging in her story
  • Prayerfully speaking into her story
  • Taking the time to allow her to journey through her story
  • Walking side by side with her
  • Celebrating her and her children for who they are 
  • Letting her fly once she has her wings