Every year hundreds of individuals from our community join with Single MOMM to positively impact single mom families. Last year 448 volunteers served alongside us as we helped assist 618 single mom families through our programming. 

In this coming year we will be serving 25 - 30% more single mom families. It is said that single parents need a strong base of support as they seek to raise their kids alone. As a community we can be that strong base. When we invest in single moms they have a bright future, their children’s future is brighter, and our community’s future is brighter.

This year our single moms have:
• Become homeowners
• Lessened the amount of State & Federal Assistance they are on
• Created stable & safe homes for their children
• Built self-confidence
• Increased their job skills
• Secured new jobs
• Returned or went to college for the first time
• Came back to Single MOMM and are now leading the reVIVE course for other single moms 


How can you get involved? 


Event Nights: Pick a month and sponsor an Event Night. Give a night of hope, encouragement, and rest to a single mom and her children. Our local Event Nights see an average of 80 single moms & 100 kids. The night is full of dinner, inspirational speakers, kid’s programming, and connecting - $1500 full sponsorship $750 half sponsorship, $375 quarter


S.A.M.: Become a S.A.M. (sponsor a mom) and support a single mom so that she can support her own family. $24/month can provide one single mom family with our services. 

Bedrock Partner: Become a bedrock partner and monthly give to the work of Single MOMM. Your financial contribution of $250 or more monthly helps sustain the general programs & operations of Single MOMM. This type of ongoing support allows us to serve each single mom family that walks through our doors to the fullest, while also strategically planning on how to maximize our services to single mom families in the future. Our Bedrock partners help keep our doors open!

Join our “Your Off Duty” team of volunteers. This team provides childcare on a monthly basis for Event Nights or once a year. Grab a small group from your church and pick a month to serve. This gives you a chance to embrace the kids of single moms with love, laughter, and hope. Another way to join this team is to help with child care for our weekly reVIVE meetings. Whether you volunteer once a year or more we need you all to reach the hundreds of single mom families we serve each year.

Provide meals for our reVIVE retreats. Multiple times in the year we hold reVIVE retreats. Meals and snacks for these retreats are always needed.

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