The commitment to annual giving recognizes that the need to empower single mom families is continual. 3 out of 4 single mom households are at significant risk of experiencing poverty, depression, children with behavioral and emotional issues, teen pregnancies, becoming victims of abuse, or desperately needing to acquire welfare. 

These are invisible stressors that threaten our communities. However, our single moms are rising above these statistics. 

We firmly believe that years from now we will have catalyzed a movement that assisted these moms and families eliminate many of the invisible stressors they carry, because we as a community have done something about it!


Be Difference Making

$175 monthly
provides mentorship and practical needs gift for single moms (grocery vouchers, car repairs, etc.)

$60 monthly
provides mentorship and practical needs gift for single moms (gas cards, bus passes, etc.)

$24 monthly
provides mentorship for
single moms


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Founding partners

Church of the Living God
Faith Reformed Church
Westside Community Church
The Tredway Family
An Anonymous Angel Investor

In the beginning, some pioneers grabbed onto the vision of Single MOMM and could see the radical impact their investment in us would make in the lives of single moms and their children. 

These partners have continued to monthly or quarterly invest volunteer hours, finances, and counsel to help sustain and grow our vision of igniting hope and healing in the lives of every single mom and her children. 

Our Angel Investors are donors who recognize the impact of a major gift to our operations. Their return on investment is the positive social, spiritual, and economic growth of our single moms and their children.

Our largest operations gifts come from a group of individuals who give above $12,000 annually. We're honored to have their support and grateful for their belief in our work!





The Circle of Hope
$12,000 Annually

We depend on private individuals, foundations, families, businesses, churches and other donors to cover everything from staff salaries to basic office systems to office rent and supplies. These donors are some of our most dedicated: their investment fuels our long term mission, our ability to grow as an organization, and our mission to ignite hope and healing in the lives of every single mom and her children. 

The Circle of Hope is a membership program where independently or collectively, donors give $12,000 annually to invest in helping single moms strengthen their own homes. Empowering them to leave in their children, the knowledge and desire to dream more, learn more, and become more. These donors are investing in the lives of single moms to positively change the next generation. 

The Circle of Hope can be an individual or a team, a family, a small business, co-workers, friends, etc. all coming together to give $12,00 annually to Single MOMM.

• O T H E R   G I V I N G •

Event Night

$1500 Full Event Night Sponsorship

$750 Half Event Night Sponsorship

$375 Quarter Event Night Sponsorship


We depend on churches and businesses to cover everything from meals to guest speakers to kid's activities to supplies. These sponsors know the value of giving single moms a night "off duty" - free child care programs, meals, encouraging speakers, an environment they feel seen and loved in. They understand that these Event Nights open the "doors" for single moms to embrace so much more - our ongoing mentorship, the reVIVE Course, resource networking, residential programs, and much more. 

Our Event Night Sponsors come from all over our local community. Businesses and churches sponsor through financial, gift-in-kind, and/or volunteer serving. Each select a month or multiple months to sponsor and receive community recognition.

reVIVE Course

$300 Sponsors one individual through course

$1500 Sponsors an entire reVIVE Course

$3000 Sponsors the start of a reVIVE Course in a new community


These sponsors know the value of investing in the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of single moms. They know that by coming alongside single moms and helping them rebuild their lives and families, they are changing the trajectory of the mom, children, and community! 

We depend on individuals, foundations, businesses and churches to cover everything from our childcare program, to course materials, to facilitators and supplies. Multiple 13 week classes run throguhout the year and consist of an alumni giving back as a facilitator, a core group of 5-6 single moms, and the mentorship of Single MOMM.

Gifts in KIND

From vehicles to technologies, meals to kid activities, much of what our Event Nights and our staff use is donated by generous businesses. We are grateful for the gift cards, oil changes, furniture, professional services, and much more, given to help support single moms so that they can support their own families. 



If none of these options seems to fit quite right for you and you'd like to give at a different amount or for something you don't see listed, please click here! 


Amazon donates 0.5% of all eligible AmazonSmile purchases back to Single MOMM when you shop and choose "Single MOMM" as your charity of choice. 



We are a privately funded, community supported nonprofit that is run on a lean operating model. This has enabled us to provide maximum return on the community's giving while staying 100% focuses on our mission and true to our core values. 

IN 2016/2017 Single MOMM received $205,836.99 in monetary donations and gave back to the community through community investment, single moms leaving state and federal assistance, alumni give back and staff dedication in the amount of $171,849

Gift in Kind Goods = $29,681
Gift in Kind Services = $30,198
Volunteer Hours = $36,000

Staff Give Back = $28,000*
*Services and hours given by staff to community projects and other non-profits

Alumni Give Back = $6,325
Moms Leaving Assistance = $47,645


Single moms saw improvement in:
95% Saw improvement in informed decision making
90% in self advocating and safe boundary setting
97% in knowledge of values and personal interests
86% in personal relationships, financial health
    personal responsibility
100% in emotional I.Q.
95% in healthy communication
90% in time management0