Be the Good Coffee™

Single MOMM seeks to establish a culture of kindness, dignity, respect, and honor to all individuals and their stories. Imagine sitting in your favorite coffee shop and feeling so much warmth, belonging, and peace. In everything we do we seek to be the good coffee to others.

Wear the Velveteen™

Single MOMM believes in presenting our genuine selves to others, operating in humility, and embracing an error friendly environment. Like the Velveteen Rabbit we seek to be real.

It’s All About the Hands & Feet™

Single MOMM positions ourselves as an organization and as individuals underneath the headship of Christ. Understanding that we do all things through him and are the hands and feet of Christ to others. 

Respect the Switchbacks™

Single MOMM proactively establishes accountability structures, takes a stand to encourage work/life balance, sets the expectation of doing all things to the best of our abilities, and operates with a high level of integrity. When climbing a mountain the switchbacks are there to guide, regulate pace, and help ensure you make it to the top. The values of integrity, accountability, balance, and excellence do the same for us