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Do you see the single moms in your community? 

• Feeling overwhelmed, tired and alone. 
• Struggling financially.
• Trying to hold a job while caring full-time for their kids.
• Who are vulnerable to abuse. 
• Struggling to find a place to belong.

• Suffering from anxiety and depression.

Single MOMM has created a menu of choices to assist individuals, organizations, churches, or communities in their efforts to effectively support single moms.

We serve over 600 single mom families annually out of our flagship office in Traverse City, MI. Our single moms are strengthened, encouraged, challenged, and equipped to rise-up and own the hard responsibilities of single motherhood. We have become a national expert and leader in effectively impacting single moms. 

Doing something outside your comfort zone is really important. I think about this from single moms who walk through the Single MOMM door. They start into this organization in a place where they feel lonely, they feel sad, dark, and then a community grows. They find empowerment inside themselves and they can move forward with their kids and that’s what it is all about.
— Dana Boals, Single MOMM Executive Board and Local Business Owner



Event Nights: Pick a month and sponsor an Event Night. Give a night of hope, encouragement, and rest to a single mom and her children. Our local Event Nights see an average of 80 single moms & 100 kids. The night is full of dinner, inspirational speakers, kid’s programming, and connecting - $1500 full sponsorship $750 half sponsorship, $375 quarter

The reVIVE Course is 100% funded by our local community. Everything from the general course cost to the facilitators, from the child care program to the mentors, are possible through the generosity of our sponsors. $300 changes the life of one single mom family. $1,500 changes the lives of five single mom families. $3,000 changes the lives of an entire single mom community. 


$24 monthly provides mentorship for single moms

$60 monthly provides mentorship and practical needs gift for single moms (gas cards, bus passes, etc.)

$175 monthly provides mentorship and practical needs gifts for single moms (grocery voucher, car repairs, etc.)


Join our “You’re Off Duty” team of volunteers. This team provides childcare on a monthly basis for Event Nights or once a year. Grab a small group from your church and pick a month to serve. This gives you a chance to embrace the kids of single moms with love, laughter, and hope. Another way to join this team is to help with child care for our weekly reVIVE meetings. Whether you volunteer once a year or more we need you all to reach the hundreds of single mom families we serve each year.

Provide meals for our reVIVE retreats. Multiple times in the year we hold reVIVE retreats. Meals and snacks for these retreats are always needed.

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Are you out of the greater Grand Traverse Area but still want to help single mom families? 

Connect with us here to information on how to get involved in your community!