Thank you for making our 2017 Event a Huge Success!

the graduates of our 2016/17 reVIVE Course:

A 13-week program to assist single moms in exploring who they are,
what has gotten them stuck, and how to take courageous steps forward.

MFD Classic Motors
1701 Park Drive
Traverse City, MI


26th Day of September in 2017
Doors open at 6:30pm
Cars, stories, celebration


Single moms saw improvement in:
95% saw improvement in informed decision making / 90% in self advocacy and safe boundary setting
86% in personal relationships, financial health / 100% in emotional I.Q.
95% in healthy communication / 90% in time management   


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"When my marriage ended my hope, dream and desire to have a large family was stripped away. I felt as though the concept of family that I had in my heart and my mind was shattered. I feared that in not being able to give my son what I had as a child, our family would feel incomplete. The family session of reVIVE taught me that the idea of family isn’t just the people who share your DNA, but the people who share your life, concerns, joys and victories. My family is a lot bigger than I had considered before." 

- Adrienne

"Before reVIVE I felt like I didn’t have a voice, that I wasn’t being heard. I was stuck focusing on past hurts and mistakes. Through reVIVE I learned that I can be courageous and strong, that I can become a better person and am learning to stand up for myself. I can take a leap of faith when it comes to my personal life and the decisions I need to make, because I now have the tools and resources to climb the mountain before me. I am beginning to fly on my own again, as I step out and learn to be the leader I need to be."

- Allison

"Prior to reVIVE ”Single mom” wasn’t a label I was ready to put next to “widow”, but it was isolating to not have a support circle when I needed it most. I questioned my abilities as a parent and an employee. Sharing my story was powerful and eye opening. I discovered that the things I admire in others, I also possess. Listening to my group share their stories empowered me and gave me confidence in my role as a single mother, allowing me to embrace the new label. reVIVE gave me the support I had been looking for!"

- Amy

"Before reVIVE I felt defeated and beat down as I struggled to make ends meet, finish graduate school, be there for my children and be a caregiver to a family member. I was overwhelmed with life. reVIVE gave me hope, insight and confidence to advocate for my children. I have been able to teach them that we deserve dignity, love and respect, even when something or someone has failed us. I feel inspired that I am doing the right thing, that my every effort is important even when I feel defeated. I am further today than I was last month, or the month before."


"I had gone on for many years accepting what was in front of me and keeping my mouth shut. During reVIVE I realized that most of my past and present relationships had no boundaries. I knew then that I needed to find my voice again. I learned that I may not be able to control how someone speaks to me or my daughter, but I CAN control how I respond and how far I let that person into our lives. Learning the words “That doesn’t work for me” in reVIVE, has started a powerful journey toward being able to have healthy and meaningful relationships for both me and my daughter."


"Creating my own definition of forgiveness through the reVIVE program has helped me to begin to forgive my children’s father for all the pain and harm he has caused. Though I cannot speak to him directly, I have chosen to release him and not allow him to continue to cause us harm. I have also begun to forgive myself for the choices I made and release the burden of pain and guilt. Because of my work in reVIVE, I am focusing on moving on and using my energy to become a stronger mother and woman every day"

- S      (due to the sensitive nature of her situation, her photo and name have been omitted)


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