Goal: to be a shining light, a friendly face, and a safe haven for children of single moms


Being a consistent face for children with often inconsistent lives, is life changing for them. As we continue to show up in their lives in our own special ways, together, we help them build trust in a community of people which reveals God's love for them. 

Through hanging out with kids, we allow their mothers to join in a small group of other single moms in which they are taking a deeper plunge into their faith walk and into understanding how to heal and maintain a healthy life. As a family, these mothers and their children are building a  strong community together.

The main area that childcare is needed for small groups is one night a week, typically Thursdays, from 6-8:30pm from mid-Sept.- mid December; Mid- January- April and Mid- June- August.  You can pick which of these time frames work best and there are a number of ways to serve- once a month, every week, or what ever works for you.